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100 Day Challenge

Have you seen people in your feed or bloggers you follow participating in the 100 day challenge? The whole point is to do/make/create something for 100 days. The challenge officially started in April and wrapped up in July, but in true Cece fashion, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do so I didn’t’ do anything. <–that in of itself should be a whole other blog post.

Recently, my friend, Allie, painted for 100 days straight.  Allie and her husband, Adam, own The Wonder Jam where they help clients with their branding. They are the real deal if you are looking for help with your business; big or small. Check them out here. Allie is a bomb designer and photographer but her first love was painting. At the end of her 100 day project she decided to sell her paintings online and held open a gallery for all her friends and family. Check out all her beautiful paintings/prints she has left for sale here. She is one of the first people that I know personally who participated in this challenge and it’s inspired me to get off my butt (aka my psychological blocker of being afraid of doing).

But now my issue arrives…what to do? Should I be vague and say just create something once a day for 100 days? Create a painting, sew a skirt, make a ceramic mug, learn how to do hand lettering, etc? Or maybe I do something health and fitness related; run or do yoga for 100 days straight or maybe no alcohol or sugar for 100 days straight? All of these things can be done, but what should I choose?! AHH!

Are you participating? If so, what are you doing? If not, would you want to do it with me? What would you want to do for 100 days?

I Met “THE ONE” But I Married Someone Else

You read that right, I met “The One” and what is crazier is I found him when I was 10. I know what you are thinking, you were so young, how did you know it was the one? And you would be right, I was young, but when you know, you know. “The One” made my heart beat fast, made my palms clammy, made me emotional in ways I didn’t know how to control. Meeting him for the first time changed my life. I had never felt such a strong emotional connection of love that I had in my first interaction with him. Meeting him for the first time is a night I will never forget, but I didn’t marry him. I married someone else.

So here is the story; My family took vacations once a year with my mom’s side of the family. On our way back from one of our trips we stopped in Chicago instead of going straight home. When we got to Chicago we stopped to eat, went to a toy store and checked into our hotel, we ended up going to see some family friends at a church in the city. My parents checked my brothers and I into their children’s area. I was almost in middle school so I was able to go to their middle school service. I walked into a large theater like room with a large stage, tons of chairs and even more kids my age. I love meeting new people but for some reason I felt a little overwhelmed. I found a seat on the end of a row and sat down and watched everyone laughing and joking around with their friend group. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder…it was one of the Pastor’s sons. He introduced himself and told me our families were friends, blah blah blah. I can’t remember much about what he said because I was so distracted and nervous. He was dreamy; tall, kind of dark, handsome, great smile and a funny personality. He was older than me so I thought he had to leave but he told me they were doing a big service for all the kids today so he would be in the service with me for a little bit so I was able to sit by him and his friends. I was smitten, hopefully he didn’t notice how red my face got, I tried to play it cool. 10 going on 16 is what I was trying to portray given the fact that he was probably about 14…I didn’t want him to notice I was totally crushing on him in the first 30seconds I met him.

The service began with a countdown, music was blaring, lights turned down, everyone clapping…the band came out and starting playing their worship music. I loved it. I felt like I was at a concert. Everyone was dancing around to this “cool” music. After worship, a man got on stage to talk. He talked about not being fearful of the life God wanted us to live. That we were called to greatness. We were called to do amazing things and help tons of people but fear and worry would hold us back unless we gave it up to Jesus and started a relationship with him. At the end of the message he asked for us to not be fearful, he asked us to raise our hands if we wanted to start a new relationship with Jesus. I felt something when he said that, something in the pit of my stomach. My cheeks got red again, I got nervous and my thoughts were all jumbled in my head. I was worried, what would this really cool guy think  sitting next to me…and then the Pastor said “don’t worry what others are thinking about you, only worry what Jesus thinks about you, and he thinks you are amazing and wants to start a relationship with you.” So I raised my hands and repeated a prayer.

There, that was the moment, right there…I fell in love with “The One.” It wasn’t the cute boy sitting next to me or the boy I was “talking to” (aka talking on the phone because we thought we were cute) from back home, it was Jesus.

Tears began to stream down my face, the cool band came back up to play music as the Pastor went around to pray for all of us in the audience. In that moment, I felt so loved that I didn’t care what anyone thought. I only cared about what Jesus thought of me and I could feel his love. It was overwhelming and something I had never felt before.

I grew up in church my whole life. My dad was a Youth Pastor then became a Pastor of his own church. I had tried to fall in love with Jesus when I was younger because I was told that’s what I was suppose to do. I was baptized when I was 4 and was at church 4 out of 7 days a week but in all those years, I had never felt a love like I did that night.

From that night on, Jesus became number one in my life. The one I knew I would spend my whole life with. I never thought I would find a love comparable and I haven’t. There is no love like the love of “The One,” but I did meet my second. His name is Josh. Just like my encounter with Jesus, I met Josh in an unfamiliar place, I had to step out in faith and not be fearful—it was quite a journey that is still evolving but it’s beautiful. I am tearful even as I am writing this thinking about our evolving love story being each others second. 

Josh is okay not being my number one…he knows the story of the day I fell in love and met the one. Actually, I am not his number one either and I am perfectly fine with that. I never wanted to be first in someone’s life, I wanted to be second. In our vows, we thanked each other for being second. In that moment, it was funny to look around and see people’s head tilted and be a little confused and that’s a normal reaction we get. 

Putting each other second is not what our society tells us is the norm. We are suppose to be each other’s highest priority…but that’s not what we believe. That’s where marriages go wrong and they fail. Some people even think the kids should come first and that’s even worst. As a single person or married couple, your number one priority should be your relationship with Jesus and everything else will fall into place.

Proverbs 3:6 says  In everything you do, put God first, and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success.

The more we grow deeper in our relationship with him and our identities are rooted in who he says we are, our relationships will flourish.

Some people doubt the concept of “The One.” There isn’t one person out there for everyone, it doesn’t make sense…but they are wrong. There is a one for everyone-I believe in a different type of one because when I was 10, I met the one for me.

How I Kicked My Coffee Addiction

I recently posted a quick tip on my facebook page of how to combat some sugar cravings by eating or drinking food that help detox your liver. Within that same post, just as a quick thought, I happened to mention that I kicked my coffee addiction which ended up getting a lot of people’s attention. I had quite a few people private message me asking “HOW” and letting me know how addicted they are so I thought I might as well share my recent experience and this novice health journey that I am on. I didn’t quit because I thought it was bad for me or because it was costing me too much, I quit because I wanted to. I have a really addictive personality. Binge watching netflix shows was basically made for me… I would wear the same shirt every day if I could (okay, I do sometimes) and when I find a restaurant or meal I like, you better believe it’s a consistent go-to for me…but that gets so boring. So this year I have tried to challenge myself to break some habits. Next up will be trying to break my “I bite my nails when I am (insert any emotion here).”

So why coffee? Well for starters, my husband, Josh rarely ever drinks it. How boring right? He just has this natural energy and stamina about him that he has never really felt he needs it…this man works in a cubicle for a large bank. All I can think of is the movie Office Space and how I don’t think I could go a day without coffee somewhere like that, but he does. The funny thing is he would drink it with me on the weekends, more for a tradition of spending time together and either making it at home or going to one of our favorite local spots. I then realized drinking coffee wasn’t really that special to me, it was something I thought I needed daily to get through work or any activity. Thus began my “I CAN’T DO IT, GIVE ME COFFEE” journey.

Okay, it wasn’t that bad. I did have a couple failed attempts because of those feelings exactly and I gave in and drank my caffeine. So here is what you have been waiting for…what I did. 🙂

1. I didn’t quit cold turkey.

I actually still drank coffee for a few days but I lowered my intake. I was drinking a cup in the morning, a cup or 2 or 3 at a meeting in the afternoon and a cup around dinner time (no wonder why I was up till 3am every night). I know some people may drink way more than that but to each their own. Anyways, for 2 days I took out my evening cup, 2 days later I took away my lunch cup and then for a week I still drank my morning cup.

2. I drank chlorophyl water.

Sounds weird right? Who doesn’t want to drink green water? I bought these from SambaFRESH, my favorite juice place in Columbus, for $4. This was an expensive habit for a couple days because I was still buying my coffee plus drinking these but it was worth it. Chlorophyll is magic. It helps cut cravings, neutralizes toxins (why eating veggies high in chlorophyll, such as spinach, are so healthy for you and balances out chemicals like heme which is what causes cancer in red meat), stops growth of unfriendly bacteria, purifies the liver, it is antibacterial and an antiseptic. I drank these along side my normal cups of coffee where I eventually got to the place of just drinking it in place of. It was the satisfying warmness of the perfect Ethopian blend or an iced honey latte from One Line but it helped take the cravings away and helped any headaches. It helped my headaches so much it is actually one of my go-to’s when I feel a headache or migraine coming on.

3. I juiced or made a smoothie.

I have a whole bunch of weird food aversions right now which will be a whole other post… but because of that it has limited my breakfast choices so I consciously started juicing or making smoothies for my first meal of the day and yup, you got it, I still drank my morning cup of coffee. I actually found out that after a week of juicing and making smoothies I felt more energized and the “I NEED” desire started to disintegrate. If I bought or made a juice, it was something with high citrus to set my blood sugar levels for the day. If you can eat or drink grapefruit, I would recommend adding that to your morning routine. I noticed a renewed sense of energy after digesting anything with grapefruit.

4. I drank a ton of water- with no ice.

I love water but I tend to forget to drink it unless I am working out or at a restaurant so this was an interesting challenge. I went and bought a cute glass water bottle and told myself I could only justify the purchase if I drank at least 6 of those a day. The first couple days I think I only drank about 3 or 4 and I was peeing every 5 minutes but eventually I got to the point where it just became a habit and some days I drank 8 or so. I did water without ice because ice shocks your digestive system, so room temperature water is actually more gentle on your system. This was also an adjustment but now I am use to it and I even request my water with no ice, like a douche bag, but oh well. A happy digestive system is a happy me.

5. I ate dark chocolate.

I love dark chocolate so this wasn’t a big deal for me, but I added a couple small pieces of dark chocolate into my daily regimen. I would break off two small pieces and eat them in the morning or afternoon when I felt like I was dragging. Dark chocolate has traces of caffeine in it, so it settled that craving but I also feel like the serotonin part of my brain was triggered. I felt like I was giving myself a treat which replaced my desire of the coffee being my treat. Of course, chocolate has a lot of sugar in it, so it isn’t ideal to eat everyday but even if you are eating eating nuts covered in dark chocolate, you will notice a difference.

6. I ate more protein (and less carbs).

Eating too much carbs makes your blood sugar spike, but eating more protein evens out your energy levels.  Instead of going to a cup of coffee or something sweet, I ate a protein bar or various nuts. Some of the nuts may or may not have been covered in dark chocolate…

7. I told myself I could.

Lately, I have been a negative nancy. I have had a few goals I have wanted to accomplish and guess how many I have accomplished– a big fat goose egg, 0! Josh hates when I am negative. I was having a bad day awhile back. It was one of those where, I can’t find my other shoe or my car keys, I was on a tight deadline, I was behind someone going 20mph under speed limit, the doggy day care was booked, I had a headache, bla bla bla- you get the picture. Long story short, I even got pooped on by a bird. In that moment I lost it and Josh looked at me and was like “Well what do you expect, you are so negative and don’t expect anything good to happen, so If I were the bird I would have pooped on you too.” In that moment I wanted to punch my husband and cry at the same time. He was right. I had been wrapped up in this cloud of negative nonsense. So I made the decision to try to have a better outlook…even with something as simple as being able to overcome my coffee habit. And I really think that helped. I wasn’t telling people “OH MY GOSH, I CAN’T DO IT”, even though the first day or so it felt that way. I kept telling myself I could…and I did. 🙂

And those are my secrets-not as crazy as you thought huh? Let’s be real here, I still drink coffee but it is when I want to drink coffee and not because I feel like I need to and it is an invigorating feeling. Have you tried to break your coffee addiction before or have you done it successfully? What have you done? I would love to hear from you guys.



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